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this is niall
1/5 of 1D
he’s normal just like us


this is niall

1/5 of 1D

he’s normal just like us


Please, stay strong. I love all of you, and I hope you take a second to reblog & show all of your followers, who self harm or not, that you love them. <3
Credits to x


Please, stay strong. I love all of you, and I hope you take a second to reblog & show all of your followers, who self harm or not, that you love them. <3

Credits to x

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Little Mix -Salute


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Not Giving In (feat. John Newman & Alex Clare)
Not Giving In (feat. John Newman & Alex Clare) - Single


Hello everyone- I’m sorry just last night I couldn’t- I was so tired from a busy week of school, and I kept on falling asleep on my keyboard. But going to bed and waking up I feel better- Here’s a calum imagine!

I hope you all like this! AND I FREAKING LOVE THIS SONG. Its awesome  - Dreaming Imagines

UGH THE PICTURE IS SUPPOSE TO BE A GIF. But im going out to get dinner for my brother- so I’ll edit a different picture.

Following Calum to the changing rooms, he stopped and looked in the mirror. Fixing his hair, you rolled your eyes- ”Calum listen to me! Please- don’t do this.”

Seeing his brown eyes glance over to yours, you started to cry a little when you realized he wasn’t going to back down.

Sighing, Calum turned to you, and placed his hands on your cheeks- ”Y/N I-”, he closed his eyes- ”I’m doing this- for you…”, his lips pressed against yours- ”I love you, and he”, Calum pointed to the door- ”Is not going to destroy us- he tried to hurt you Y/N!”

”I know…but-”, your heart was racing so fast that you couldn’t speak. You were afraid of Calum getting injured- badly.

”No..no…Y/N this time I’m going to be stronger, and I am going to win.”, Calum then walked past you and reached for his boxing gloves. Tieing them on, Calum punched his fists together- ”I’m ready…”

Watching Calum walk out that door, you stood there in the silent room. Leaning on the side of a grey locker, you fell to the ground and started crying. 

Praying that he wouldn’t get hurt, you knew you just had to stay strong, and hope for the best.

As you got off the ground, you heard the crowds cheers and applauds. Walking out the door, and into the boxing match, you took your seat infront.

Calum smirked as the yellow lights flashed on him, and not only the people but the cameras were going crazy for him. Blinding flashes from the paparazzi followed Calum before he walked up the steps to the stage.

Putting on his mouth guard, Calum’s eyes caught yours. He could see how scared you were, so he just looked away to his component.

The game started quickly and whenever Calum got punched in the face your heart started to break- it was killing you, but he was still standing strong.

His bottom lip was bleeding, and was sweating a lot. His component didn’t look that good as well- his right eye was bruised.

You tried hiding in the sleeves of your sweater. With every ”OH” from the crowd you knew someone got hit.

Sitting in the room made your insides hurt, and you couldn’t handle it.

Calum would move from side to side as he swinged punches to the guy’s sides. He would bawl into his middle, and his face would tighten with pain.

Calum smiled with victory, until he slowly straightened up.

Everything was now in slow motion. Everyone stood wanting to get a better look of what was going to happen. Calum stared at you smiling, but your face fell when you saw him behind Calum.

Having his fist in the air, Calum’s smile faded as he turned around. It hit him- hard, and Calum’s eyes closed shut, and he collapsed to the floor.

Running to him, your heart was officially broken, and you were devastated. Reaching out to hold his hand as he looked dead on the floor…Your eyes were irritated, red- from all of the tears leaving your eyes.

Seeing his eyes peak open a little, the loud room of gasps, and cheers suddenly became muted. The only thing you could hear was Calum breathing as he looked up at you.

As strange as it sounds- it was like you healed him, and you gave him strength. Smiling, you wiped your tears away and grabbed his hand. Holding it for minute before you were taken away to sit back down, Calum turned and looked at his component.

Sliding his leg, the guy tripped over on the floor. Calum jumped on his feet and started pouring all of his feelings with every hard punch.

His hits made you worried- he was almost going to kill the guy. The referee pulled Calum off of him, and he dropped to the ground. He lost the entire match, and Calum won.

Leaning off the ropes, Calum was out of breath but smiled at you. Moving his gloves a little, you walked towards him. Giving him a hug, he whispered into your ear- ”I won…for you..”

Letting go, you giggled- ”I didn’t know you were that strong Calum!”

Chuckling Calum’s lips went on yours. His soft lips deeply and slowly synced with yours. His lips slipped off of yours when he told you-

”You made me this strong.”

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